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Introduction to Russian Jokes :

Every body knows Russia is a bit of a funny place.  As you might know that there are lots of funny characters in this lovely country. Russian Jokes is the world biggest entertainer platform where you can get the most famous art of Russian humor, fictional stories, dialogues and special characters. The culture of Russian-Jokes includes a set of different categories with fixed and most popular characters and familiar roles. Sudden results are achieved by way of manner of an infinite fashion of plot twists. The jokes of Russian are found every where along the globe with different topics including politics, relations, sex, gender, daily routines, spouse relationships and mother in law relations. There may be many kinds of jokes, every category has numerous untranslatable jokes that rely on linguistic puns, wordplay, and the Russian language vocabulary of foul language. Bizarre – however nevertheless funny jokes. The ones jokes have become accurate spherical subjects. Russian jokes are the fantastic and there may be a number of the most funny jokes in English language at the internet.

Name of Characters 

Some of the famous characters of Russian jokes are as follows:


Stierlitz is a fictional soviet intelligence officer, portrayed by the use of vyacheslav tikhonov inside the popular soviet television collection seventeen moments of spring. Inside the jokes, stierlitz interacts with various characters, most prominently his nemesis müller. Typically two-liners spoofing the solemn fashion of the precise tv voice-overs, the plot is resolved in unsightly performs on phrases or in parodies of the trains of belief and slim escapes of the “specific” stierlitz.

Poruchik Rzhevsky

Poruchik Rzhevsky - Russian Jokes

Poruchik (first lieutenant) Dmitri rzhevsky is a cavalry (hussar) officer, a honest, unsophisticated, and immensely impolite army type whose rank and status but advantage him the front into immoderate society. In the aristocratic placing of high-society formal balls, and 19th-century social sophistication with large use of the french language, rzhevsky, well-known for brisk but usually unintelligent comments, maintains puncturing the decorum together with his vulgarities. Inside the jokes, he is frequently visible interacting with characters from the novel conflict and peace through the usage of Leo Tolstoy. The call is borrowed from a character from a famous Sixties comedy, hussar ballad (Russian: «гусарская баллада»), bearing little in not unusual with the folklore hero. The 1967 film rendering of struggle and peace contributed to the proliferation of the rzhevsky jokes. Some of the few researchers thing out that many jokes of this type are versions of 19th-century Russian army jokes, retold as a brand new collection of jokes approximately rzhevsky.


Rabinovich is a famous and an archetypal Russian jew. He’s a cunning, cynical, every so often sour kind, skeptical approximately the soviet government, and often too smart for his very own pinnacle. He’s every now and then portrayed as an otkaznik (refusenik) a person who is refused permission to emigrate to Israel.


  • Rabinovich fills out a assignment utility shape. The dependable is skeptical: “you stated which you have not any loved ones foreign places, however you do have a brother in Israel, however he isn’t always abroad, i am overseas.
  • Seeing a pompous and extravagant burial of a member of the politburo, rabinovich lamentably shakes his head, “what a waste, With this sort of money, i might also want to have buried the complete politburo.
  • Rabinovich calls pamyat headquarters, talking with a feature accessory, tell me, is it real that Jews offered out Russia/certain of direction it’s far real, kike Schnabel,  May want to you please inform me in which i ought to go to get my proportion.


Vovochka is the most popular Russian identical of little johnny. He interacts together along with his school trainer, maria Ivanhoe which is shortened to Mariana, a stereotypical lady instructor’s name). Vovochka is a diminutive shape of vova, which in turn is a shortened version of vladimir, growing the little boy impact. His fellow college students undergo in addition diminutive names. This little boy name is used in assessment with vovochka’s wisecracking, character, frequently obscene statements.Vovochka-Russian-jokes

  • In biology class, the teacher attracts a cucumber on the blackboard, kids, ought to someone inform me what is this? or vovochka raises his hand. it is a dick marivanna, the teacher bursts into tears and runs out rapidly, the important rushes in all proper, what did you do now? Which taken into consideration one of you delivered maria ivanovna to tears? And who the hell drew that dick at the blackboard?
  • The instructor asks the beauty to offer a word that starts off evolved with the letter “a”, vovochka luckily increases his hand and says “ass the teacher, greatly surprised, responds for shame. There’s no such word and it sincerely is bizarre, says vovochka thoughtfully and the ass exists, however the phrase could no longer.

Vasily Ivanovich

Vasily ivanovich chapayev (russian: василий иванович чапаев), a crimson navy hero of the russian civil struggle, within the rank of division commander, became featured in a highly famous 1934 biopic. The maximum common subjects are the conflict with the monarchist white military, chapayev’s futile attempts to sign on into the frunze navy academy, and the times of chapayev’s loss of lifestyles. Formally, he changed into gunned down via manner of the whites while looking to flee across the ural river after a misplaced conflict.Vasily Ivanovich- Russian-jokes

Chapayev is typically accompanied by way of his aide-de-camp petka, in addition to anka the device-gunner , and political commissar furmanov, all based totally on real people. (being widely diagnosed in Russian well-known way of lifestyles, chapayev, petka, and anka had been featured in a chain of Russian journey video games released inside the late Nineties and 2000s.

  • I flunked my information exam, petka. They requested me who caesar become, and i stated it is a stallion from our 7th cavalry squadron, it’s far all my fault, Vasily Ivanovich. Even as you have got been away, i reassigned him to the sixth.
  • Chapayev, petka, and anka, in hiding from the whites, are crawling plastoon-style across a vicinity: anka first, then petka, and chapayev is final. / petka says to anka, “anka, you lied approximately your proletarian descent. Your mom ought to have been a ballerina, your legs are so pleasant or chapayev responds, “and your father, petka, need to have been a plowman. The furrow you’re leaving within the returned of you is so deep.
  • At the occasion of an anniversary of the October revolution, furmanov gives a political lecture to the rank and file soldiers. And now we’re on our superb manner to the shining horizons of communism, how did it pass? chapayev asks petka afterwards. “interesting…! But uncertain. What the hell is a horizon?  see petka, it’s far a line you may see a long way away in the steppe at the same time as the weather is good. And it’s miles a complex one, no matter how lengthy you experience closer to it, you will in no way acquire it. You may best wear down your horse. Many different parents characters have starred on this form of joke as properly, which includes rabinovich.

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